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Jones Act & OffShore Attorney in Houma LA

Waitz & Downer Personal Injury Attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience with Jones Act claims. If you have suffered a seaman, river, or offshore personal injury in a maritime accident covered by the JonesOffshore Attorney in Louisiana & Jones Act Lawyer Houma LA Act, or if a family member has died in a fatal maritime accident, contact us today. With over 30 years of admiralty and maritime law experience, Waitz & Downer is confident in their developed reputation for excellence and a track record for success in handling offshore accident injury claims.

Experienced Louisiana Offshore Injury Lawyers

If you were injured in an offshore accident, including offshore drilling rigs, tow boats or tug boats, barges, fishing boats, shrimp boats, or other water vessls, you may be entitled to compensation under the Jones Act or other maritime injury law. A few personal injury & workers compensation that Waitz & claims Downer covers, include but are not limited to:

  • Jones Act Claims — injury law arising from the negligence of the vessel, owner, or the crew. This can include offshore oil rig platforms, passenger ships, waterway crafts, and fishing boats.
  • Longshoreman and Harbor Wokers’ Compensation Act (*LHWCA) Claims — includes injuries to ship loader and dock workers
  • Death on the High Seas Act (*DOHSA) Claims — includes any wrongful death that occurs on the high seas
  • Public Vessels Act — includes any claim for damage caused by a public vessel of the United States, including salvage and towing services
  • Suits in Admiralty Act Claims — includes situations where the United States government causes damage or worsens your situation, such as damage caused by the U.S. Coast Guard, lock and dam operators, and the U.S. Corp of Engineers
  • Unseaworthy Vessel Claim — includes personal injury caused or contributed to by a ship or sea vessel that was not properly and reasonably equipped to handle your situation, and which may have involved improper equipment, untrained crew, improper safety gear, and an unsafe environment
  • Diving Accident Claims — includes professional divers (salvage or repair) who were injured while working on a ship or in the shipyard.

For over five decades, Waitz & Downer has represented Louisiana and Gulf Coast region clients for injuries in maritime accidents. Our experience, knowledge, and commitment have led to numerous referrals from clients and other personal injury attorneys. For a more thorough explanation of why we are the right offshore injury law firm for you, call Waitz & Downer today and schedule your free initial consultation.


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