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Waitz & Downer Attorneys are one of the top Personal Injury Law Firms in Houma LA. We represent numerous cases related to Personal Injury, Business Legal Matters, Wills & Successions, and Social Security.

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Since 1952, our experienced team of Houma Personal Injury Lawyers at the law office of Waitz & Downer has helped thousands of individuals and families receive proper compensation for their personal injury claims. We strive to provide excellent, fair, and aggressive representation to all of our clients. If you are in need of personal injury attorney, or an attorney for other services Waitz-Downer Attorneys at Law can help!

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Personal Injury Law Firm in Houma LA

  • Auto Accident Attorney – Whether you’ve been involved in an accident with a car, truck or an 18 wheeler Louisiana Attorney Waitz and Downer has the knowledge and expertise to help.
  • Jones Act & Maritime Attorney – If you have suffered a seaman or river or offshore injury in a maritime accident covered by the Jones Act, we have the experience needed to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Medical Malpractice Attorney – If you or a loved one was grievously harmed by medical malpractice, call the Law Office of Waitz & Downer in Louisiana.
  • Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect – If you or a family memeber is suffering from abuse or neglect in a nursing home, it’s crucial that you seek legal counsel immediately. We can help!
  • Workers Compensation Attorney– It is important to ensure that you are receiving the disability compensation you deserve. Call our Workers Compensation Lawyers today!

Why Choose Our Houma Personal Injury Attorney?

We understand that lawsuits and cases are sensitive in that they take time and money. That’s why we do our best to make the process for you and your family as easy as possible, by relieving you of the stresses and responsibilities that come with your case. We are confident that we will represent you well in your personal injury claim.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s fault or negligence, call (985) 876-0870 for a no obligation consultation. Fill out our contact form, and an experienced lawyer at Waitz & Downer will contact you to schedule an appointment.